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The Highest Safety Standards

Our safety procedures adhere to Nō Te Rere Moana Aotearoa (Maritime New Zealand) stringent requirements.  

Te Ara Moana Trust has a Specified Limits Permit (SLP) issued by Maritime New Zealand.


An SLP is a safety management system that covers specialised operations or operations that don't fit under existing Maritime Rules. SLPs are designed for vessels that operate outside of normal flows of marine traffic, are close to shore and have a limited scope of operation within limited areas. That's us.

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Our Safety Systems

We use the FLASH (Factors Likely to Accentuate  Serious Harm) scale.

FLASH risk rating is a comprehensive system that enables us to communicate, calculate and manage risk for each activity.

Our experienced instructors assess and rate risks before every single activity is undertaken.

Use of FLASH helps us to ensure our safety management systems meet the needs of schools.




Working and playing in the water involves a level of risk.

We have:

  • ​a Specified Limits Permit from Nō Te Rere Moana Aotearoa (Maritime New Zealand)

  • systems to assess, document and mitigate risk​​s.

  • a well trained and competent team.

  • quality gear for students to use and wear.

Maritime  NZ

We hold a Specified Limits Permit issued by Maritime NZ.

That means our operating plan has been approved by MNZ, allowing us to operate in specified areas close to shore.

Read more about our permit


FLASH (Factors Likely to Accecuate Serious Harm) - a risk communication and management tool that we use.

Read The FLASH Rating

a paper written by 

Grant Davidson PHD

Water Safety Links

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