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Acheived and Planned

In 2014 we had a vision. What if we could use the sea to teach life skills to school students in the Porirua area. Along the way we could ​help improve the poor water safety record in NZ, teach students emotional resilience, problem solving, team work, skills in the water and give them confidence while having lots of fun.


The pursuit of māuri ora - wellbeing is embedded in our vision, our approach to teaching, and as a critical indicator of success for our students.

It has been quite a journey and we have loved every minute of it so far.

This is what we have achieved since we started

What's Next

Six Month Plan

  • Obtain 6 new self bailing optimist boat. The goal is $20,400,  Already received $10,400.

  • Include 1 more day teaching The goal is to get more years 7 and 8 students from Porirua East.

  • Coach and train 1 new volunteer to teach our programme.

  • Employ 1 part time worker.

  • Continue to work on building relationships with all types of funders for a 3 year commitment

  • Establish pathways with all the schools

One Year Plan

Five Year Plan

  • Work 4 days a week teaching, reaching over 200 students in years 6,7 and 8.

  • Employ 1 more part time worker

  • Develop a sailing school to provide pathways for children and thier whanau

  • Continue to establish long term relationships with funders

  • Develop a holiday programme for children who are not eligible for Te Ara Moana( user pays )

  • Employ 1 full time worker and 3 part time workers teaching 5 days aweek

  • Developed a teaching programme to support our tamariki

  • Employed 4 part time qualified instructors

  • Trained 2 volunteers

  • Established a board of trustees

  • Developed operating processes

  • Given 5 youths workers work experience

  • Obtained:

    • 18 new kayaks and trailer

    • 3 new teaching boats

    • 1 new rescue boat and new outboard

    • 30 wet-suits, life jackets, wind jackets and booties

  • Established  relationships with our stakeholders

  • Established our teaching and storage space

  • Developed a robust safety plan

  • Obtained a permit from Maritime NZ

  • Engaged a person to focus on fundraising

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