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Our Courses

Courses run all year, including in cold weather. We may change what we do depending on the forecast, so if it is too cold for outside we will go to the pool; too windy and we may stay in the calm marina.

Participants are provided with wet suits, wind jackets, booties, and life-jackets.

The activities are challenging, but safe. A support boat is always on the water with the small craft activities.​

We use body boards, kayaks, and Optimist sailing dinghies.

Generous sponsors, supporters and volunteers make it possible for us not to not charge school students for our regular courses.

We are happy to discuss other courses e.g. for adults.   

How we teach - TPSR

We use a teaching methodology called TPSR - Teaching Physical and Social Responsibility.

TPSR uses physical activity (in our case on the water,) as a way to teach students a model of personal and social responsibility.  Students learn helpful values that give them structure for their lives.

The kids are encouraged to adopt higher values through a series of steps or levels.  Over time students reach higher levels and the values become integrated into their lives.

The Levels - We focus on One through Five


Zero: Irresponsibility - Makes excuses, blames others, denies responsibility.

One: Respect - Self-control, does not interfere with others.

Two: Participation - Willingly plays, accepts challenges and practices.

Three: Self-Direction - Works independently, sets and pursues goals.
Four: Caring - Willingly works with anyone and gives support.


At the beginning of each session students decide what level they want to be at and we reflect on what they need to do to achieve a new level.


Five: Taking TPSR Outside the Class: Integrating TPSR values into other areas of life—being role models. 

       We work with schools and teachers after the courses to see how the behaviours learnt at Te Ara                 Moana are being transferred into other areas of life - 

Learn more about TPSR

We will keep the students safe


They need some gear but we will provide most of it.


A good lunch is really important

The course will cost you nothing

You will:

Get wet

Smile and laugh a lot

Learn heaps

Try some new stuff

We Will:

Keep you safe

Teach you stuff

Lend you the gear you need

Get wet

You can sponsor a student, programme, or give a one-off donation.

We are deeply grateful for any contributions that come our way.

Here's how you can help


Our courses run all year round.


We may change things sometimes, depending on the weather.

We provide all the equipment and gear.

This is made possible form our generous sponsors.

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