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Kayak Paddling

How We Do It

Sailing is one of the few sports where you are responsible for making decisions for yourself.


Using tools taught at the beginning of the course, students learn to problem-solve on the water and find their own solutions (there's always a rescue boat close by to lend a hand).

Allowing students to have a go in a safe environment enables the most significant learning to happen.​

After a few hours with Te Ara Moana, students return to school stoked, happy and buzzing about what they have achieved.


They have confidence in themselves.  Even if a choice results in capsizing the boat, they know how to right the boat again and continue on their journey.

We use a teaching methodology called TPSR (Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility). That is all about the belief that in teaching physical education we can teach life skills as well. TPSR is about using physical education as a means to teach individual and social responsibility.

You can learn more about TPSR on Our Courses page.

About Us

A Holistic Approach...

The pursuit of māuri ora (wellbeing) is embedded in our vision, our approach to teaching, and as a critical indicator of success for our students.

To achieve this, we actively encourage our students to reflect on the values of:

  • Kaitiakitanga: instilling values of guardianship and responsibilities for each other, our environment, and our future.

  • Manaakitanga: demonstrating respect, generosity and care for ourselves, our belongings and the kaupapa (principles).

  • Āhurutanga: ensuring we act in ways that are physically, emotionally and culturally safe and inclusive for all.

Our Team

Our team is a bunch of talented people dedicated to the Te Ara Moana Mission.

Meet the people that make it all happen

Our Schools

Titahi Bay School

Titahi Bay North School

St Pius School

Ngati Toa School

Porirua School

Rangikura School

Russell School

Holy Family School

Glenview School

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Safety is our number one priority.

Its how we work!

Safety is everyone's job at Te Ara Moana.

Learn about the risks and how we manage them

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