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Our Work

All The Details

After the course

Here is some stuff you will learn that you could tell your parents about:

  • how to right a kayak

  • how to catch a fish

  • how to sail a boat

  • how to put on a life-jacket

  • how to tie some knots

  • how not to drown and why sometimes people do

  • teamwork

The fun you had!

Things To Know

For Students

You will have fun

There are all sorts of reasons you will go to this course. They are about safety in the water, and developing your abilities and skills, and stuff like that. But none of that will work unless you are also enjoying yourself. That's what we do.​​

You will be challenged

You will do things that are new, and some of them are a bit scary at first. But here's the deal. We won't force you into anything. If you really don't want to try something, we will respect that. It can wait.

You will be safe

The classes are small. The instructors are experienced and trained. There's a support boat cruising around watching and helping if needed. If it's cold you will wear a wet-suit. You will wear a life-jacket. It's a good chance to have a go, and feel that sense of achievement.


You will learn good stuff


  • How to kayak, and what to do if it tips over.

  • How to sail a dinghy.

  • How to catch a fish.

  • How to get a marine weather forecast.

  • Some useful knots.

  • The things we do will change a bit depending on the weather

We will keep the students safe


They need some gear but we will provide most of it.


A good lunch is really important

The course will cost you nothing

For Students

You will:

Get wet

Smile and laugh a lot

Learn heaps

Try some new stuff

We Will:

Keep you safe

Teach you stuff

Lend you the gear you need

Get wet

You can sponsor a student, programme, or give a one-off donation.

We are deeply grateful for any contributions that come our way.

Here's how you can help

Our courses run all year round.


We may change things sometimes, depending on the weather.

We provide all the equipment and gear.

This is made possible form our generous sponsors.

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