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Being 12, 13 or 14-years old is hard. But for kids with limited resources, it can be even harder.

Many grow up near the water but never really get to experience it.

When kids get the chance to have fun, sail a boat, learn about themselves, and discover what they can do it makes a difference.

We appreciate anything you can do to help us teach students life skills.

You can sponsor a child, programme, or give a one-off donation. We are deeply grateful for any contributions that come our way.

What we need

What we need:

  • Money

  • Assistance: professional; administration; fund-raising; web design; governance.

Here's what it costs us:

1 child for 1 day = $30
1 child for 1 course = $150
1 course per school = $650

We are a charitable trust, so all donations are tax deductible.

You can donate through our Give a Little page - just click the donate button in  the footer.

Or make a deposit to our bank account. You can find more details on the Support Us page.

The Trust

Te Ara Moana is an incorporated trust under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.


The trust has eight board members including the chairperson.

Board meetings are held monthly at the Titahi Bay Boat Club rooms.  Meeting are held more frequently as required and board members communicate by email in between meetings.

Board meetings have standard agenda items as well as room for other issues needing attention. 


We will keep the students safe


They need some gear but we will provide most of it.


A good lunch is really important

The course will cost you nothing

You will:

Get wet

Smile and laugh a lot

Learn heaps

Try some new stuff

We Will:

Keep you safe

Teach you stuff

Lend you the gear you need

Get wet

For Supporters

You can sponsor a student, programme, or give a one-off donation.

We are deeply grateful for any contributions that come our way.

Here's how you can help

Our courses run all year round.


We may change things sometimes, depending on the weather.

We provide all the equipment and gear.

This is made possible form our generous sponsors.

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Phone: 0212674772

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