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Things To Know

For Parents

You will get a notice beforehand with more details.



The students need - togs, towel, clothing that can get wet, and something dry to change into.

We provide wetsuits of various sizes, wetsuit boots, life-jackets, boats, equipment and nice warm milos.


Please make sure the students bring along a good lunch. They spend the afternoon doing energetic things on and in the water, so they need to be properly fueled up.


Our courses are free for the participating schools. Funding and resources are provided our generous sponsors and partners.


Our instructors are well qualified and experienced in outdoor education.


They will follow our safety procedures at all times.

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All The Details

You can find more info on our other need to know pages:

For the students: What we tell students.

For our supporters: We can not operate without the support of our generous sponsors.

If you or someone you know may be able to help, please let us know.

Our Courses: All the details about the courses and our teaching methodology.

For Parents

We will keep the students safe


They need some gear but we will provide most of it.


A good lunch is really important

The course will cost you nothing

You will:

Get wet

Smile and laugh a lot

Learn heaps

Try some new stuff

Have fun

We Will:

Keep you safe

Teach you stuff

Lend you the gear you need

Laugh with you

Get wet

You can sponsor a student, programme, or give a one-off donation.

We are deeply grateful for any contributions that come our way.

Here's how you can help

Our courses run all year round.


We may change things sometimes, depending on the weather.

We provide all the equipment and gear.

This is made possible form our generous sponsors.

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